Our Corporate Partners

impact in the community

Much of Meals on Wheels Queensland’s work has been made possible through the help of our generous corporate partners, who are committed to supporting all people in Queensland to assist them in achieving their nutritional goals and staying at home for as long as possible.

Without the generosity of sponsors and other financial supporters, Meals on Wheels could not meet the diverse needs of so many in our community.

Inspiring narratives of corporate partnerships below illustrate the transformative power of collaboration, exemplifying how Meals on Wheels Queensland, together with dedicated businesses, creates lasting positive impact for the greater good.

Our Corporate Partners

Discover the strength of our network through 'Our Corporate Partners,' where we proudly showcase the influential alliances that power Meals on Wheels Queensland. These esteemed partners contribute significantly to our mission, ensuring that together we make a lasting impact on the communities we serve. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to these major and other partners for their unwavering support in nourishing and uplifting the lives of those in need.

Major Partners

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