Our Board

Queensland Meals on Wheels Limited operates under the direction of an elected body known as a Board of Directors. 

The Board of Directors' primary role is to set strategic direction, policies and procedures and is supported by a small number of paid staff whose role it is to implement the same.

The current Board of Directors are:

Tony Charlesworth (Chairperson)
Tony is the President of Mackay Meals on Wheels

Lawrence Boyne (Vice Chairperson)
Lawrence is the President of Woogaroo Meals on Wheels

Jenny Powell (Secretary)
Jenny is the Secretary of Boyne Tannum Meals on Wheels

Katrina Faulkner
Katrina is the Secretary of Cairns Meals on Wheels

Roslyn Broom
Roslyn is the President of Sunnybank Meals on Wheels

Penny McClelland
Penny is the President of Bulimba Meals on Wheels

Wendy Smith
Wendy is the Business Manager of Pine Rivers and District Meals on Wheels

Alexi Paasonen
Alexi is the Business Manager of St Lucia Meals on Wheels