Our Board

Queensland Meals on Wheels Limited operates under the direction of an elected body known as a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors' primary role is to set strategic direction, policies and procedures and is supported by a small number of paid staff whose role it is to implement the same.

The current Board of Directors are:

Michael Homden

Michael Homden joined the Board and was elected as Chairperson in 2023.

Michael is humbled to be elected to serve the broader interest of MOWQ and support the personal commitment of all members for the fantastic work that gets done ‘making a difference’ on a daily basis for the Queensland community.

Michael’s career has included senior executive and Board roles in Policing both here (NSW) and the UK, Head of Emergency Services in the Northern Territory, Senior Assistant Commissioner in NSW Ambulance together with a spell as Commissioner, Executive Director of South Australia Youth Justice and Human Services.

Michael has been privileged to be there at some of the best moments that secure people’s faith in each other to leading organisations through some of the more challenging events that have presented themselves in recent times.

‘More than just a meal’ takes on a personal significance for Michael as he has dedicated his professional career to serving the local community, protecting the vulnerable and safeguarding the rights that everyone should enjoy as a member of society.

Penny McClelland

Penny McClelland joined the Board of Queensland Meals on Wheels 4 years ago and was elected Vice-Chairperson in 2020.

She has volunteered with Bulimba and District Meals on Wheels since 2004, serving as a Committee Member for 2 years, Vice-President for 2 years and President since 2009.

Penny previously was employment with an International IT Company for 21 years, fulfilling varying roles within the organisation. She held an Electorate Officer position with a State Member of Parliament from 2009 to 2012 and has been a volunteer Councillor for two non-for-profit organisations.

Judith Brown

Judith Brown joined the Board of Queensland Meals on Wheels in 2019. With a background in finance, she was soon elected to the position of Chair of the Finance Committee, a position she was re-elected to in 2020. Judith has held the position of Treasurer at Cairns Meals on Wheels since 2018.

Judith holds a Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting, and a Diploma of Financial Planning. She is a Member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia, a Member of the Tax Practitioners Board, and an Associate Member of CPA Australia.

Judith is currently employed as Practice Principal at AMP and has been a Director and Board Member of All Financial Services, Darwin since 2017.

Samantha Cowley

Samantha Cowley joined the Board of Meals on Wheels Queensland in 2023 as the Company Secretary. 

Sam, has deep roots in Brisbane, having grown up in Ashgrove and The Gap. Her childhood was filled with activities like netball, T-ball, and dance, alongside her academic pursuits, leading to a double degree in Business (Accountancy) and Law from Queensland University of Technology. 

Professionally, Sam practised law in various capacities, including debt recovery and property law, before venturing into entrepreneurship. She founded a successful coaching company focused on developing debating skills in school students, a venture she's particularly proud of due to its impact on children's confidence and worldview. 

Community service has always been close to Samantha's heart, sparked by volunteering experiences during her school years and involvement in events like the Lifeline Bookfest. 

To Meals on Wheels members, Sam extends gratitude for their dedication to this iconic community service and pledges to contribute to its continued success and growth. 

Ian Collier

Ian Collier joined the Board of Meals on Wheels Queensland in 2022.

Prior to joining the Board of Directors, Ian began his journey with Meals on Wheels as a volunteer delivery driver within the Bulimba service, where he continued to serve on the committee for the past 6 years. Not only this, but he also volunteered on the committee which formed the Brisbane South MOW hub and is now President of Wynnum Manly Meals on Wheels service.

Ian holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Behavioural Sciences from Macquarie University. However, his professional background includes working as a Bureau Chief in the Press Gallery, Head Media Advisor and Public Policy Adviser, and a Head of Corporate Affairs and Stakeholder Engagement for State Government Organisations, including Queensland Rail.

Ian is now employed as a Program Director for The Eventful Group, as well as the Production Director for SAPinsider.

Matt Webster

Matt Webster joined the Board of Meals on Wheels Queensland in 2022 and is current chair of the MOWQ Innovation & Partnerships Committee.

He joined the Management Committee of Ashgrove Meals on Wheels in early 2017 and has since served as Volunteer Driver and Services Branch Vice President.

Prior to volunteering with MOWQ, Matt has done significant volunteer work with other charity and community organisations such as Camp Quality.

Matt holds a Bachelor of Health Science degree and is a Fellow, Australian Institute of Managers and Leaders (formerly AIM).

He is also a director of two corporate businesses within the digital, data, property and marketing services sectors, where he focuses on business growth solutions and change leadership.

Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens joined the Board of Meals on Wheels Queensland in 2022.

Michael has been working within the Financial Services since 2005 and holds 20 years of ICT experience specializing in HR Management, Program/Project Management and Quality Assurance within various Information Technology associations. During this time, he has completed a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Project Management, Diploma in IT, a Graduate Certificate in Management, Project Management Professional certificates, SAP Certification Associate Project Manager and SAFe 5 Agile Practitioner Certificate.

Richard Horsham

Richard Horsham joined the Board of Meals on Wheels Queensland in 2023. 
Richard grew up in the UK in a town called Chorley in Lancashire and later moved to London to complete his studies and excel in sports.  

Richard’s career began as a trainee, working the fish counting of his local Tesco (UK’s largest retailer), where he had to do 5 hard years of floor work, before being given the opportunity to head office developing products in the Confectionary Category. After 10 hard-working years and travelling to 31 countries during this time, Richard was approached by Coles who assisted him in moving over to Australia, where he has continued to make a massive impact on food companies across the Country.  

Richard prides himself in strategy planning and has shown his dedication through the accomplishment of turning around 2 closing down food businesses and creating profitable and sustainable businesses.  

Richard finds great importance in listening to members and staying connected, thus is very much looking forward to supporting you all during his time on the Meals on Wheels Queensland board.  

Phillip Hay

Phillip Hay joined the Board of Meals on Wheels Queensland in 2023.  

Phil grew up in Brisbane, Everton Hills to be exact, where he attended Everton Park Primary School and then Hillbrook Anglican School. Phil enjoyed an adventurous childhood filled with outdoor activities; abseiling, camping, canoeing, hiking, orienteering, rock climbing and ropes courses, the list goes on.  

He pursued marketing early in his career and has worked across various sectors, cherishing moments of genuine connection with customers. Phil's commitment to community service stems from his family background, with both of his parents having engaged in public service and his aunt volunteering at Meals on Wheels. He attributes his resilience to their influence and experiences. 

Expressing deep appreciation to Meals on Wheels members, Phil acknowledges their indispensable role in providing support beyond just meals, fostering human connection in the communities they serve.  

Kylie Hammond

Kylie Hammond joined the Board of Meals on Wheels Queensland in 2023.

Kylie grew up in Perth, WA, where she started her working life in the family car business all throughout her university studies. Shortly after her family sold the business, Kylie took a leap and moved to Sydney, where she started working in the IT & Professional Services industry. This eventually led to Kylie starting her own recruitment business in 2002 and has now brought her to successfully running her own businesses for over 20 years.  

Prior to joining the Board of Directors, Kylie began her journey with Meals on Wheels back in the 1970s where she volunteered for Meals on Wheels Kalamunda, WA, as just a young girl. Her mother was a regular volunteer and Kylie enjoyed going out and assisting her on these delivery runs.  

Kylie is very much looking forward to working hard with her fellow board members to preserve the legacy of QMOW and build on the success that this organisation has achieved over many decades of service and community engagement.