Our Volunteer Experience

Enjoying Life and Supporting Independence

Every day a friendly smile, a chat, a nutritious meal and knowing someone will drop by to say hello, changes the lives of many Australians and its not just the client who values the contact.

Independence is something we all value and to have that taken away through not being able to go to the shops for groceries or to cook regular meals, should not be an obstacle to anyone.

While meals can be delivered to suit each clients' specific needs, the not-for-profit Service is more than just a meal.  As well as nutritional support, Meals on Wheels volunteers provide important social contact and are able to monitor a client's wellbeing, health and safety.

Admiring photos of grandchildren or discussing the clients' interests may not be part of the job description for a volunteer, but these little things add up to a very big thing in a client's life - having someone share part of their day.

Get involved today by contacting your local Meals on Wheels Service Provider or phoning us on 1300 90 97 90